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We’re moving!

Our office will be closed
Friday September 29th as we are moving!

Effective October 2rd our new office address is:
(It’s only about 10 blocks away old location)
118 West Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701
Our phone and fax are staying the same.

“Money won’t create success — the freedom to make it will.”

– Nelson Mandela

Tax & Strategic Planning

Understanding both individual and corporate tax practice is what the accountants at John Kiley CPA, LLC do best. We pride ourselves on the ability to clearly communicate with our clients to help them navigate not only tax season, but their financial futures as a whole.

We believe that every client deserves financial freedom and to understand which tax strategies are most rewarding for their unique situations. That is why we strive every day to provide our clients with the best customer service available and to never allow a prerecording to do the job for us.

Click here to access our real time tax planning guide.

Proactive Tax Planning

The new WebTaxGuide is available!

This is the right time for protecting what you have!

In uncertain times, proactive tax planning can help you preserve your financial well-being.

click here for information on how to get the Tax Planning: Web Tax Guide

How to fix a shaky succession plan

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Which 401(k) is right for your company?

Offering a tax-advantaged retirement plan is one way to help attract and retain quality employees. The 401(k) is a popular option, but employers have more than one variety to choose from: Traditional. Employees contribute on a pretax basis, with the employer matching… read more

Tax Planning

Year-round strategies to make the tax laws work for you It’s important to review your income, expenses and potential tax liability throughout the year, keeping in mind the many rates and limits that can affect income tax liability. Only then can you time income and… read more

Self Directed IRA

Ready to control your investments? MidatlanticIRA.com can help you with all of your self directed retirement account… read more

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